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Ningbo JiPeng Bearing Co.,LTD.  Located at the shore of east of China,with the poredominance of talents and favorable geographical position,Ningbo Jipeng Bearing Co,LTD.has foundover 10 years,After the impilment of Open Policy of China,although countless compainies compete in the soil ,which was always the essential position in the great minds,with theunceasing pursuit to Ghe fame and high quality,MingFeng has spanned many peaks and been in the first line in china.

ALL of our products are designed and made strictly under national GB/T307.1 standard system.We specialized in metric & inch of bearings ,the feature items are super thin and with flanged bearings.the annual output is about 20,000,000 sets .Usually the material of our bearings is high carton chromium bearing steel , stainless steel and beryllium bronze etc.The tolerance range of our bearings is from ABEC-1 to ABEC-5.They are well known for their high speed , high durability ,low vibration,low noise and long life etc ,and are widely used in the field of precision equimpments, machine parts ,medical machinery ,fishing reel ,motor and R/Chobby etc.our products are exported to more than sixty countries and regions of the world.

Be living in the intense increasingly marketplace contest,we adhere following the principle of quality quiding of “keeping impoving,Against hour compietely moves forward”,looking on marketplace and future , opening up new products continuously,improving manufacture technology ,heightening contest force in marketplace,By means of many years no stopping efforts, our products enjoy good reputaion and remarkable comments from our customers both in domestic and abroad.

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