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VW Recalls 200,000 Cars in Brazil Over Faulty Bearings

VW announced today that it will be recalling approximately 200,000 of the latest generation Gol and Voyage. VW builds both models in Brazil for local consumption. The recall involves the rear wheel bearings failing due to insufficient grease.

VW has a strong presence in the Brazilian market, as its Gol compact car is the top selling car in the country. In the case of recalls, however, strong sales can have a negative impact on automakers as it increases the volume of vehicles affected by the recall.

VW says that the 2009 and 2010 model year Gol and Voyage cars produced before July 2009 will be recalled in order to have the rear wheel bearings replaced and properly greased. Currently, the vehicles can produce abnormal sounds and suffer reduced efficiency due to the improperly greased bearings, and in extreme cases rear wheels have locked up and fallen off.

In 2009, VW sold 688,300 vehicles in Brazil, representing an 8.7 percent increase over 2008, and securing Brazil as VW’s third largest market.

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